Cuberite Meetup

Hello everyone! To celebrate 1000 stars on GitHub, we’re arranging a meetup at a hackerspace in Germany. At the meetup, you will meet other members of the Cuberite community, learn how to write plugins, contribute to discussions about Cuberite’s development, implement new features in Cuberite and more. There is an agenda of things to do, but it isn’t final yet. Feel free to suggest something you want to do.

The meetup will happen on the 19th to 21st of February at the address “Das Labor Alleestraße 50, 44793 Bochum, Germany”. We will not be able to pay for accommodation, which means you’ll have to find a place to stay at yourself. If you’re planning on attending the meetup, please mark off the days you are available to meet up, so we know how many people that are interested.

If you aren’t available to meet up, don’t worry. You can still join in on Mumble via the address below. Also, everything will be streamed on either YouTube or Twitch.

Mumble address: mumble://

January 23, 2016Discuss this post