Cuberite Newsletter 2019

Happy new year! It’s the start of a new decade (oh, where did the time go), which means it’s time for a long overdue status update for Cuberite.

General News

  • Cuberite has an official Discord server! Feel free to drop by to say hello. Invite link
  • Cuberite’s Android app now targets Android 10, and has received a redesign, as well as multiple bug fixes and code cleanups. Devices running Android 4.0 and above are supported.
  • The build process of official Windows downloads, which used to take place on xoft’s home server, has been moved to AppVeyor.
  • FreeBSD and macOS downloads are no longer provided, since we no longer have access to servers for building them. There are plans to bring back macOS downloads in the future.
  • Minecraft 1.13 support is partially done, and 1.14 support is planned.
  • Cuberite’s website has been restructured and cleaned up, to make it easier to find relevant information. A new “Discuss” page houses information about official communication channels.
  • The Cuberite WebAdmin layout has been updated to work better on smaller screens
  • A few issues related to the forum, such as outdated templates and registrations not working, have been resolved.
  • Analytics are no longer collected from website visitors. Cuberite’s analytics server has been permanently removed.

Cuberite Development

In addition to smaller bug fixes and cleanups, here are a few notable changes to Cuberite since the end of 2017:

  • #4017: Improve rain simulation
  • #4041: Add support for Minecraft 1.12.2
  • #3959 #4038 #4050: Vector parameters
  • #4053: Implement horse inventory
  • #4178: Make offline UUIDs consistent with vanilla
  • #4185: cLightingThread: Faster chunk reading
  • #4220: Add unbreaking for armor
  • #4251: Rewrite explosion knock back
  • #4260: Optimise chunk set
  • #4272: Ocelots no longer multiply exponentially
  • #4341: Fix directory traversal bug (CVE-2019-15516)
  • #4390: Initial support for 1.13 clients (unplayable early state)
  • #4412: Fixed crash in hopper while pulling items from blockentity above itself
  • #4417: Refactored block-to-pickup conversion
  • #4424: Disable block placement in adventure mode
  • #4433: WebAdmin improvements

As always, the latest Cuberite updates are available to download on the homepage.


  • If you are interested in developing Cuberite’s core or plugins, please do not hesitate to join the forum or Discord server. Cuberite development has slowed down a bit due to lack of free time among regular contributors, as well as larger changes in Minecraft 1.13 and 1.14, so any new contributions are greatly appreciated.
  • Feel free to donate to Cuberite through Liberapay or Bountysource. Donations are used to cover server hosting expenses.
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