Cuberite Newsletter Spring 2021

Hello all Cuberite fans - it’s been about 9 months since the last update, so it’s about time to let you know the current status of the project as well as what’s gone on since the last update!

General News

  • Progress for protocol versions greater than 1.12 is still encouraging.Connections from 1.13 clients are accepted but not really playable. We’re workingon the needed changes for the new block state format.#5151
  • Due to a few changes in the generator it’s recommended to regenerate the worldor update the world.ini file manually to get access to the new features.

Development News

  • Since the last update, development effort has been coming on slowly but surely, with 164 PRs merged since the last update. The changes include:
    • #4723:Fix flower and foliage generation
    • #4802:Add correct implementation of crops
    • #4806:Adding basic Banner functionality
    • #4821:Add enhanced Gold generation in Mesa-Type Biomes
    • #4829:Adding block entity transmission to 1.13
    • #4830:Adding Generator For Single Piece Structures
    • #4837:More statistics are now tracked
    • #4845:Use tracing for explosions
    • #4875:Added armor and shulker box cleaning
    • #4881:Adding end portal and enchanting table block entities
    • #4889:Implement redstone quasi-connectivity
    • #4903:Implement Dropspenser Hook
    • #4932:Correct drops when using a tool with fortune
    • #4934:Enchanting consumes lapis, removes correct number of levels
    • #4937:Enchanting table shows detail on hover. Enchanting is deterministic.
    • #4946:Adding Silverfish Spawning Blocks
    • #4951:Adding wolf breading
    • #4973:Added a end generator more similar to the 1.9 one
    • #4993:Added the structures for the ender dragon fight
    • #5011:Added new flowers on bonemeal use
    • #5023:Players are no longer kicked when clicking on bedrock
    • #5025:Adding Boss bar
    • #5055:Added magma block contact damage
    • #5105:Prepares ChunkData for BlockState storage
    • #5111:Implementation of totem of undying behaviour
    • #5122:Added the ability to randomize blocks in generated structures
    • #5124:Basic elytra flight
    • #5129:Improved generator for mega taiga
    • #5134:Adds mushrooms to the generator and fixed up the roofed forest
    • #5179:Teleport off of mount when throwing enderpearl
    • #5182:Many, little improvements
  • Thanks to all the new contributors this period, as we now have 7 new entries in the CONTRIBUTORS file:
    • 12xx12
    • dImrich
    • KingCol13
    • ProjectBM
    • pwnOrbitals
    • theophriene
    • tympaniplayer (Nate Palmer)


  • If you are interested in developing Cuberite’s core or plugins, please do not hesitate to join the forum or Discord server.
  • If you wish to contribute monetarily, please do use Liberapay. Any contribution is very much welcomed.

Cuberite Team

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