December 2015 Newsletter

Hi everyone! This is the December 2015 edition of the Cuberite newsletter.

The Cuberite server hit a big milestone this month, when we reached the 1000 star mark on GitHub, as well as getting close to the ten-thousandth commit. This just shows how much the community has been involved in the creation of the server.

Mobs have also had a lot of improvements this month, including a new system for breeding implemented by Gargaj, and improvements to pathfinding from LogicParrot.

tigerw has refactored the redstone simulator, with improvements to speed and some bugfixes. He made a video to demonstrate the new system.

We also have a new donation system so that you can help out with hosting costs for our servers, and also set up bounties for issues that you want to get fixed. You can donate with a credit card or Bitcoin.

TLS has been enabled on many sites, including the newsletter, the user’s manual, and the buildserver.

Mac OSX and FreeBSD are now supported platforms, and builds are available from the buildserver. Thanks to sphinxc0re who provided the build slaves for those platforms.

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