February 2016 Newsletter

Hi again, I’m here with the Cuberite Newsletter for February of 2016!

This was quite an exciting month, with the meetup in Germany from the 19th to the 21st, where there were a range of interesting talks, and discussion about the code behind Cuberite.

The talks can be viewed on YouTube, and the discussion about the slogan is on the forum.

There was also a discussion about whether to hold future meetups more frequently on the forum, so if you have a view please do participate.

In other news, world travel was stabilised, so travelling between worlds is now unlikely to cause the server to crash. TLS support within Lua was also fixed.

We also got a new forum, and the URL has changed from http://forum.mc-server.org/ to https://forum.cuberite.org/. It is recommended that you change your password if you have an account there, as the new site should be more secure.

Finally, there is a new way that non-technical users can help out with the development of Cuberite - for select PRs, there are testing builds available so you can test changes before they get merged into master, and prevent game-breaking bugs for everyone else.

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