November 2015 Newsletter

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since the last newsletter went out, but I’ve finally got around to writing another one. In the future, newsletters will probably number 2 or fewer per month, plus important update and security announcements. Introduction, explanation.

First, we start with a newly released project from Docker that uses Cuberite: Dockercraft is a project that connects Minecraft in-game with Docker containers on other servers. This uses Cuberite with a custom plugin. Check out their Twitter and have a try!

The Cuberite User’s Manual has had a major update and the introduction for beginner users is now functionally complete. The manual has also been optimised for printing, with a new stylesheet and image improvements. You should try it out! Suggestions and new content are always welcome to be submitted on GitHub.

The main website has been improved, with a new layout contributed by mathiascode. This will hopefully make it easier for new users to get started with the project, as well as display the surrounding services more clearly. Contributions are, as always, welcome on GitHub.

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